Who is Robert Grass GmbH & Co. KG?

We are a medium-sized, metalworking company. We feel addicted to quality since 1921.

Modern machinery

Modern CNC lathes with driven tools, counter spindle and Y-axis manufacture in the highest quality. Machining centers enable the production of customer-specific turned and milled parts. Large, medium and small batches. Materials: free cutting steel, structural steel, case hardening steel, carbon steel and copper, brass & aluminium / others on demand.

Hardness Class

  • class 5
  • class 6
  • class 8
  • class 10
  • class 12


  • ASTM A 193 / 194
  • Free cutting steels
  • Hardened and tempered steels in accordance C45, 42CrMo4+QT, 34CRNiMo6 – 30CrNiMo8
  • Temperature resistant, heat ageing-resistant steels
  • Rust and acid-resistant steels
  • Brass and bronze

Turning, Milling, Slitting, Rolling

ing the last couple of years we permanently modernized and restructured the company. Additionally to our core product -the well-known GRASS Nut- we nowadays set more and more focus on special turning parts.

Furthermore we started our steel service business. We do supply cold and hot rolled products customized to industrial end-users.